Directwear offer embroidery and screen printing.

Production is capable of 2 million garments a year, and 1 million caps per year locally and more overseas.

Minimum orders

  • 10 Garments for embroidery.
  • 18 Caps for embroidery
  • 20 Garments for screen printing.
  • Promotional products- Pens, Bags etc

Screen Printing

With a maximum printing of 14,000 t-shirts per day, Directwear can provide you specially printed items that bear your design.


With a fulltime cutter we can provide custom made garments and products locally and overseas.

Locally Made Waterproofs

The best money can buy. 100% Australian made Aprons, Sleeves, Mittens and Gowns are produced in our factory by hand and are sealed the old fashioned way.